An apologetic note

October 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

So I’ve been quite bad at keeping this updated lately…which is not to say that there’s been nothing going on. Highlights of the last couple of weeks include:

A great, free Brazilian concert as part of ‘Brazil month’ in Buenos Aires. I fell a little bit in love with Teresa Cristina (supporting argument below)

I feel a trip to Rio becoming more and more enticing.

I’ve also been to the cinema a couple of times, and saw two very different but equally interesting films (El estudiante and Tree of Life). I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on them, but have let it slip. It will have to wait until next week now, as this weekend I’m off to build emergency housing in some of the poorest parts of Buenos Aires with a charity called Un techo para mi país.

The charity released an interesting report this week which said that there are more and more areas around the capital without decent accommodation, and sometimes even electricity or running water. By their estimation, there are 500,000 families in the villas (essentially slums). I would write more, but I have typically left myself lots to do before we head out tonight.

In any case, more about that will probably feature in the next weekly summary I do for pulsamérica, a great independent website offering in-depth, impartial coverage of Latin America, for which I’m now covering Argentina.

The forecast for this weekend is pretty grim – it seems spring here is as capricious as at home. We get days of glorious sunshine, and then (now) quite torrential rain.



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